Services offered:

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Packaging

Zoskales Diamonds Case-study

Zoskales Diamonds is a jewellery store that aims to set an elevated standard for luxury experience in Ethiopia. The founders are passionate about redefining the culture of status and class by introducing a worldview of authenticity and modernity while still representing traditional values in an elevated manner.

The challenge: The company has been in business for two generations, and the current owners (the children of the founders) felt that it was time to grow the business; and although their parents built a reputable name for the brand, they felt the company’s look and visual representation had become outdated and no longer matched the company’s vision and values. They wanted to represent themselves as an international standard Ethiopian jewelry brand.

The Solution: After several consultation sessions we  developed a brand strategy that defines the demographics of the audience, the value proposition, and the brand essence. We discovered that the identity of the brand lives in defining authentic Ethiopian standards of beauty and present them to the rest of the world in an elevated manner.

The visual brand identity was carefully crafted to include elements that represent the various expressions of beauty and aesthetic commonality within all parts of Ethiopia while also developing a look  that can compete with international luxury brands.