Services offered:

  • Strategy
  • Naming/Narrative
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity

Yafra Engineering Case-study

Muse Alemseged General Contractor (now known as Yafra Engineering) is a young fast growing company that built its reputation on being innovative, having refined finishing works and timely delivery. 

The challenge: The company approached us while facing growth challenges in its efforts to scale up and diversify its range of delivery. The challenges ranged from clearly defining and institutionalizing it values to accurately expressing its differentiating factors and making the connection towards its future diversification plans.

The Solution: After having done meticulous analysis on what makes the brand unique and relevant to its target, we have managed to discover that the brand is much deeper than what it does or its sector. We have discovered that it is an identity drawn from the heart and expressed through its proficiency. It is a brand with a sincere desire to create a space where refined truth is applied for the attainability of a sustained meaningful progress—A space where dreams come to leap and flourish.

Our creative depicts that narrative in accurate manner; from the name “YAFRA”  that translates into “Let It flourish” simple and catchy two syllable word with a global optimistic tonality, to a visual expression that combines the sense of stability/ structure found in refinement and the organic nature and vibrance of passion and growth.