If it doesn’t inspire or offend “Reality” it doesn't work.

Who We Are

We believe in magic—the kind that ignites our imagination, stirs our soul and disrupts the ordinary; but we also believe in meaning, significance and consistency. The difference between those who made a remarkable impact in life and those who didn’t, is linked to these amazing qualities.

We are convinced that the common denominator of any great individual, organization and nation is the ability to look inward and perceive a reality beyond the status quo, having a tenacious conviction that is unapologetic at the face of the impossible; and an insightful relentless pursuit that transforms that which was once mere imagination into a profound reality.

We are BRÜH KEN, an independent African boutique Strategy and Communication design firm set up to inspire and empower the communities we serve with this same idea – Live from the inside out, dare to standout and change our reality in ways that matter.

We all have a unique story that can translate into a story that matters, if handled correctly. Each story is packed with unique perspectives, a deeply personal yet relatable discontent, an imagination of a brighter world and our own customized way of transforming it into reality. Ours is to help unpack yours. The passion we have and the proficiency we refine is to help you find, accurately communicate and live-out accordingly. We call it; transforming ordinary brands into brands that matter.

We are not fancy image developers although we do develop amazing ones in the pursuit of expressing fancy ideas. We are also not disruptors, although we don’t hold back in light of a worthy cause. Our commitment is to the end result and not the expression only.

Our Core Team

Our team has two sets of groups: Our Core Team and our Open Ended Team. The Core Team is the foundation of BRÜH KEN; they take the lead, give guidance and provide foundational support for every project. They are ambitious, have remarkable talent, have a heart for service, and value for excellence and providing meaningful solutions. 

The second group is our Open Ended Team, which is drawn from our local and global network of talents. This team is always custom built to the need of each project, selected based on their exceptional talent in relevant disciplines. The one thing that stays constant on this team is their dedication for excellence.

Robi portrait sm

Robele Asmelash

Robele is a strategy, design and communication professional based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He served as creative and strategy director in some of the top agencies in Addis. He oversaw several projects for some of the leading brands and agencies in Ethiopia, including: Heineken Breweries Ethiopia, Repi and Wilmar, PSI, Ethiotelecom, M-birr, Zemen Bank, Netherlands foreign affairs (CBI), UNIDO, UNICEF, Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority and several United Nations agencies. His pure love for what he does and his unrelenting commitment towards making meaningful impact and seeking “what could be” has made him known for pushing the boundaries on what is considered impossible in his industry.

Co-Founder | Strategy and Creative Director


Billen yohannes

Billen is a branding and communications professional with 15+ years of international experience. She has her BA in Visual Communications and has done her MFA studies in Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Her specialty is in building Brand Identity Systems. She worked with various clients (both in Ethiopia and abroad) in areas of Brand Consultation, Brand Clarity, Corporate Branding, Product Branding, Publication Design, Event Branding and PR Branding. Her passion is elevating local brands and communication systems to reach international standards while preserving their authenticity and meaningful context.


Our Approach

1. Live

We live and build according to our philosophy so we can serve you from our hearts and not just our minds.

2. Listen

We Listen to understand because we are not in a hurry to give you an answer. Our commitment is to give you meaningful solutions.

3. Analyze

We Analyze based on (both traditional and modern) cultural, natural and behavioral principles to find the most meaningful and relatable solutions for you and your audience.

4. Dream

We Dream based on what could be and not what it is because imagination is what creates transcendent results.

5. Design

We Design in accordance to the expressed dream.                                                         

6. Results

We Demand results because the job is never considered done until we see the result being achieved.

Our Services

Our service focus is driven out of creating efficient and effective ways to see the desired impact within you. All our services are designed to help brands find, communicate and nurture that which makes them matter.

Brand assessment
Consumer understanding 
Trend assessment
Market understanding 
Impact assessment

Brand strategy
Marketing strategy  
Communication strategy 
Campaign Strategy  
Corporate culture strategy

Identity design 
Brand experience design 
Print/Digital Layout design 
Voice and Copy 
Concept design
Interior design 
Product design

Content development 

Event planning 
Media planning 
Campaign planning

Brand management
Media management
Event management

System development 
Product development 

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